Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Poverty- Not the American Dream

I can totally relate to that lady whose "been crying all day" and those 2 little boys, well if they don't make you cry you must have a heart of stone. They talk about the American Dream...well I can only speak for the Canadian Dream...that it is very similar here and all I can say is that it wasn't supposed to be this way. I just don't believe there was supposed to such a mass of millionaires and billionares and then people who have nothing.

It's hard to believe that my grandparents came to Canada to get their little piece of land and now so many people who are all on the verge of homelessness or are homeless. There grandparents and parent worked hard too. What the frig is happening. How can things get better. What has to change???

So many children growing up in poverty, going to bed hungry, worrying all the time about money. So gross, so sad. My mother's family had a very hard time during the depression and the physical effects of lack of  good nutrition sadly took their toll on her body her entire life.

I hope this movie gets made. It looks really good and maybe just maybe it will open peoples eyes about the true face of poverty.

My prayers for everyone in this movie and for everyone dealing with issues like this.

Did you see, in BC we regained a tiny step...people are now allowed to keep $200 while on assistance. Before it was clawed back. People were being horribly oppressed but now maybe this will help the tinyiest. It comes to late for some.

The stupid part of the deal is now they are making it harder to get assistance. Making people wait 5 weeks.

If the Politicians would give up their pensions and put that money into some kind of growing fund...maybe some kind of progress could be made. The system pretty darn hopeless and in my opinion is more of an abuser than a aid. team behind AMERICAN WINTER is raising funds to complete this documentary about what millions of families are going through in the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

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