Saturday, June 30, 2012

Help Shambhala Vision Raise $2000-

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I have copied this from the Shambhala Vision Facebook page. Please visit it and see the photos of the devastation for yourself. They are trying to raise $2000. Every little bit helps. PLEASE HELP!

Shambhala- devastated by Hurricane Carlotta. Please Help!!

Dear friends! Shambhala is soggy and and battered, but recovering slowly. Power, water and cellular service have been restored, and we've just had our first 24hrs without rain. We are cleaning and repairing as best we can. Every square foot of Shambhala inside and out was covered with crud, and everything got wet. Two cabanas were completely destroyed, and most of the other roofs have problems and are leaking. almost all the mattrasses are damp, and there are mountains of laundry to do, but it is difficult with the rain. Hopefully we have some more sun so we can dry things out a bit, but the rain never goes away for long.

To the people who have forwarded us money, thank you!! We have raised 4000 pesos so far and that money is going directly into relief efforts. We've bought nails, hinges, and other hardware, cleaning supplies, and some much-needed groceries to provide decent nutrition to the workers, friends and volunteers who are here rebuilding Shambhala. Some Shambhala workers have also lost homes in this storm, they need to be paid.

We are still in serious need of help. Most of all we need building and roofing materials -- tiles, laminate, palm fronds, etc. and tarps. The longer we go without proper roofing, the worse the damage gets. And the electric bill is due. If you are planning to visit Shambhala in the future, to stay or even just for a meal, we would be grateful if you would forward us payment in advance. The current need is great. Any amount you provide will be put to immediate use aiding recovery. Of course if you simply feel moved to help us, we would be very grateful.

With all of the Shambhala familia, far and wide, pulling together we will get through this. Thank you everyone for your support and well-wishes. Keeps sending positive energy! Love to you all.. 

Help Rebuild Shambhala

Happier Days at Shambhala 

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