Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year 2013

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2012!/zipolita @zipolita Google+

Well it's been an amazing year 2012. I can't begin to tell you all the wonderful things that happened.

I guess part of life is enduring difficult times so that when the good times come they are so rich and wonderful it fills every fibre of your soul with gratefulness.

I am truly so GRATEFUL for this year.  It wasn't a easy start, we definitely had a rough start filled with lots of potholes, bumps and hills to climb. But climb we did and Viola it turned out to good for words.

I'm not a word girl, anyways.  I am a photographer, a videographer, a painter, an artist...I speak thru art. Words are art too, it's not my strongest quality though but I want to say a few words here ...

This year I learned to paint and very well I must say. While I haven't painted at all in these last few months I have a wonderful collection of photos to inspire me when I start again. Which I pray and project and believe will be very soon. I pray, project and believe in my heart and soul that my art will open many doors for me this coming year.

I created so many videos and websites lately and helped alot of people. That filled my heart with happiness. Giving and sharing! I love social media for that. If there is one thing I really learned and experienced this year was is that if you help the people, the people will help you. 

My child and I grew together and experienced the most amazing things this year. We went thru tough times but they have been smoothed out, blurred and erased from our memories by the beautiful positive healthy happy loved filled experiences of the last few months here in Mexico. 

We truly love it here and our dream is to live here. 

We were blessed with really amazing positive people coming into our lives. One special person was the teacher Angel had when I had to put Angel into public school for bit. She was truly amazing and I am so so blessed we got her. She did yoga with the kids, how cool is that?

I was blessed with an amazing teacher too, Ron Hedrick, who taught me how to paint oils. A gift I am so truely and deeply grateful for.

I am grateful for the generousity of others, for their time, their patience, the sharing of their skills, their kindness, their understanding, their believing in me and their love.

We know that life won't always be easy, it never is, but we are learning to roll, bounce and fly instead of falling and being crushed by the negative influences that bombard us and try to oppress us.  A big part of that is escaping the city life and living a simpler life, filled with family and love and nature. 

We pray that whatever difficulties you are experiencing that they vanish with the New Year. 

We wish you a year full of peace, great health, creativity, happiness, enlightenment & miracles.

Many Blessings, Prayers & Positive Energy from
Zipolita'z y Angelita'z Adventurez in Mexico
Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita

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EarthWerks said...

Happy New Year! I saw the two videos of Gloria's Karma Cleaning Ceremony. A bit hard to see but still memorable. I wish you much success on your Blog traffic and artwork. Love your Blog advertisments for the local area, including Yoggi's Amber. Muy chido y sueve amiga, dele hola a Angel para mi. Saludos, Daniel