Sunday, December 2, 2012

3 de Diciembre- 20th Anniversary Fiesta

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Hola Amigos, Buenos Dias, How are you all this morning? I'm a little tired, I've been busy helping lots of people with videos and websites and it's a lot of fun but it's a lot of work too! It's a gorgeous day in Zipolite, the birds are squawking...well the parrot is...LOL!! 

I had a nice dinner last night at the 3 de Diciembre. It's lovely restaurant that serves delicious pizza and pie. I just helped them with a new website. Check it out!

I worked really fast on this one because we needed to tell everyone about the big celebration they are have on Monday. It's their 20th anniversary. I first met Nacho the owner back in 2001 when the big fire in Zipolite happened.

My room burned and my daughter's father's things(he had them in the street-he was moving) all burned and the fire burned all the way back and burned the restaurant. But they rebuild and it's as beautiful as ever.

It was really sad because he had a lot of art there, just as he does now. I always remember when I was leaving Zipolite in Sept of 2001 and I didn't have much cash and Nacho bought one of my paintings. I really appreciated because I know he didn't have much at the time himself.

So we are really looking forward to this SPECIAL event, he has been working so hard and he has a lot of wonderful things planned and I have been invited to take a bunch of photos so it will be exciting and I'll share them with you later. Stay Tuned!!

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