Monday, December 17, 2012

It's Just Not Christmas without..

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It's just not Christmas without these shows. Since we are in Mexico I am so glad we could go online and watch them. I feel so blessed as some are from the 50's 60's 80's. The animation is amazing in them. They are all true masterpieces in their own rights :D

Most are just snippets, but we were able to watch a few full ones the other night. Unfortunately they are pulling them down due to copyright so not sure how long they'll be up. To bad, not everyone can afford to buy these movies and they should be shared with children.

If your not in the Christmas mood yet, then snuggle in with the kids and get a glass of wine or what ever treats you like and watch these shows. Hope you can find the full versions.

Let's start things off with The Snowman. Love this video!! Love the singing and the animation, it's so beautiful.

Cosmic Christmas, such a wise video and so cute. Powerful Message!

This isn't a animation, but it's a wonderful movie with a truly powerful message. Angel and I just snuggled and watched it together the other night. It might be to boring or scary for little kids, but Angel is 10 and we've watched together for a few years now. She loves it.

Ah too bad, they too the whole version down. It should be shared...we used to watch on tv every Christmas, I don't know why they can't let it be free on YouTube. :( It's such a beautiful animation. I just love it so much.

Here's just a snippet of Frosty, they've taken the full version of it down to, because of copyright. They should just share these old videos. Some kids won't get to see them because their parents can't afford them. :( Makes me sad. So glad we got to watch it the other night.

There's only a snippet of this one, but maybe you can find it on TV if your lucky.

The Grinch, it just wouldn't be Christmas with out him!! LOL!!

Ohhhh, I just love these. They bring back so many memories.

Of course we HAVE to watch Charlie Brown's Christmas :D

We just watched Polar Express last night. Love that show. And we LOVE CHOCOLATE!! :d

Now this is my favorite Christmas movie EVER!! Spoiler Alert: If you haven't seen It's a Wonderful Life, don't watch this. Go get the movie and watch the whole thing. It will help you get EVERYTHING in perspective. It is a WONDERFUL, AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL movie. Trust me!!

Now this is really cute :D

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