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Bless the White Wizard as his Journey continues! R.I.P. Isaac Kawapit

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This made me so sad. I didn't hear about it until now. This video really brings it home. It's so sad that this amazing man accomplished so much by leading those kids on a massive journey and now he's gone. I really feel so deeply for the kids, they must be devastated.

It makes me so angry when I think back about how Harper wasn't even there to greet  Isaac and those kids. It should have been such an amazing moment for the nation,...but it was overshadowed by Harper's panda bear photo shoot.

Still they didn't need his approval or for him to even be there as they really did accomplish so much. R.I. P. Isaac Kawapit. God bless you on your journey.

Read more about Isaac here

Nishiyuu's 'White Wizard' walked 1,500 km for First Nations issues

"Isaac Kawapit was a humble man who led a hard life in a remote Cree community near the shores of Hudson Bay in Northern Quebec, living largely off the land and relying on his extraordinary skills as a hunter.

But at the age of 46 (though he was also said to be 47 or 49), Mr. Kawapit did something remarkable. In January, he led a group of six young men, aged 17 to 22, on a frigid 1,500-kilometre walk from Whapmagoostui to Ottawa to raise awareness of the problems facing Canada's First Nations.
By the time they reached the capital, there were 300 walkers and thousands of supporters waiting to greet them and the Journey of the Nishiyuu had become a galvanizing event for young native people across the country.

Mr. Kawapit, the man the walkers called their spiritual leader and their "White Wizard," was found dead in his northern community on Saturday morning. His body was lying outdoors just a short distance from where his mother's house once stood.

Tribute to Isaac Kawapit "The White Wizard" of the Journey of Nishiyuu

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