Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Bard was Great!! Don't Miss It!! - Twelfth Night

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We had the greatest time today at Bard on the Beach. I must admit we are truly blessed and that my sister and her husband treated us to the play as a gift for Angel's birthday.

I was a little nervous, seeing how it's Angel's first Shakespearean play and thought perhaps she might get bored. Completely opposite, at intermission she kept commenting on how funny it was. And it was!!

I'm not going to spoil it in case you get to go, but you should try, it really was special. Lots of laughs and surprises too!

It made me really emotional, we were commenting after about it, mentioning that it must be because it's live. They were really good actors too, obviously!

My favourite actor was Todd Thomson, he's really excuse me...I mean very handsome!! :DD  They are all terrific!

Well I hope you get to seen it. Here's some links for you.


They have class to teach acting to kids too!! Maybe next year Angel can go! That would be really fun!

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