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Wow, this amazing story was shared on my Search Grads Group FB page. Check out these videos and info, it's so inspirational what this group of citizens are accomplishing.

Free Space [  ]

From Co-exist- Ariel Schwartz

"Walk into the mural-covered 14,000-square-foot space in San Francisco’s Central Market district and you’ll see a flurry of seemingly organized activity: people manning desks in the front, a day-by-day schedule scribbled in chalk on the wall, someone sweeping the floor, a family examining the makings of a slide...."

"This Is What Happens When You Give A Creative Community An Empty 14,000-Square-Foot Building-"  Read more here

What started as a one day project turned into a month long project and then amazingly they have now got the space for another month  using Indiegogo

It's just so inspirational, I really love what all these talents artists and energetic spirits have accomplished. Truly wonderful and I hope we can see it replicated over and over.

On there Indiegogo project they wrote:
What We’ve Achieved
[ San Francisco, California ]
In order to demonstrate how communication, collaboration and innovation flourish when people have a space to come together, we obtained a lease for a 14,000 sq ft building for $1 for the month of June in the heart of San Francisco’s dynamic SOMA district.

In just one week the building was transformed. Artists removed traces of urban decay by covering the walls with murals and the parking lot has been converted into a garden and food forest, attracting the admiration of passers-by. Read more

I especially love the perks they offered
Their perks were super ingenious. I tried Indiegogo alone..not the easiest but one of the toughest things was coming up with really great perks. I just love these!

Your mark in [freespace] 

[freespace] farewell festival

Print your own t-shirt

[freespace] t-shirt delivered 

The [freespace] Poster 

First Dibs Red Tag Sale

Headshot Photoshoot 

Park Cycle Party 

Host an Event in the Art Lot 

Be in our documentary 

The whole shebang

 I am so glad they achieved their goal and more, they wanted $25,000 and recieved $26,061. Really fantastic. 

What a great story!!

Please read and watch the videos and follow up on this, because if they can accomplish this there, it can be done anywhere....because I know there are super amazing talented generous people everywhere and this is the kind of encouragement our kids and communities need to show them we can make this world a better place..

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