Tuesday, August 4, 2015

PSA- Be Harrison Aware- Respect All Water!

Water- you have to respect it. So many people do not understand how fast situations change.

Sadly it's true, it is only when a friend or loved one loses their life do you realize how dangerous water can be. RESPECT IT!

Be informed and be aware, not just of Harrison but of all water, lakes, rivers and oceans. It is powerful, mix it with wind or cold and how it affects you is radical.

RIP Gary and Daniel and to all their family and friend I send my greatest condolences and I am sad you had to make this video but it is very good of you to warn and remind everyone to not take their safety or anyone elses for granted. Thank you for doing that so I can share it with my loved ones and hopefully protect them and their friends.

Gary Duong (25) and Daniel Reid (23) were both very strong swimmers. On one of the hottest days in 2015, they died in the cold waters of Harrison Lake, where they were swimming.

They were unaware of its dangerously cold temperatures, strong currents, and the unpredictable sudden winds which can turn a flat surface of water into a small craft warning in a matter of seconds.

 Visitors to this lake must become aware of these risks. Gary and Daniel can't speak now so we are speaking for them in hopes that future deaths will be prevented on this very beautiful but deadly body of water.


Let US share the above warnings so we may never need the services of  Legacy Water Search & Recovery Society


Scott Lebus said...

Just watched the video, very powerful. Great message to spread about drownings in cold water, the general public is very unaware. I'm the President of Legacy Water Search & Recovery Soceity. We will be posting the video on our website & FB page (www.legacywatersearch.com) thank you to the families and friends for doing this video. Scott Lebus

#Harrisonaware said...

Thank you Tina Winterlik and Scott Lebus. Our community page is www.facebook.com/harrisonaware and we would like to make sure your society is named. Also to Tina Winterlik. Thank you for blogging.

Tina Winterlik said...

Hello Scott Lebus and #Harrisonaware I am happy to help anyway I can. Again my deepest condolences to the family and friends who lost their loves ones. And thank YOU for making this video so we can saves lives. (HUGS) to all of you!