Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Red Academy- Digital Media & Tech Academy- Vancouver

This new school is opening on Broadway and Granville and if you are looking for a career in tech this may be something you are interested in.
Red Academy- Digital Media & Tech Academy- Vancouver  http://www.redacademy.com


I really like this learning environment from the photos I saw in the video! Such a contrast to the pure white walls we had at ECUAD.  And this sounds really good with them focusing on women and social projects!!

Here is what the about page says "RED is a new digital media and technology academy in Vancouver created for the web designers, developers, digital creators and marketers of tomorrow."

If you go to their Facebook page
 or their website if you look in the Events page they are having an Event  http://www.redacademy.com/event/1971/

So I might pop in and see what they are offering as they are also hiring mentors and I am interested in that. :D  Would you like me to be your mentor? Tell them :D

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