Monday, August 10, 2015

I WON A PAINTING!! by Jenn Ashton

OH!!! WOW!! I WON!

So happy!!!! I just won this BEAUTIFUL painting by Jenn Ashton. We've never actually met but know each other pretty well from connecting on Fb, Twitter and stuff. :D ;)

 I just love her work and I have watched her over time create the most amazing paintings. Check them out and you will see what I mean.  They are so fun and colour

Here are some other lovely images from her website

George Lucas Forever! Jenn Ashston

You can also find Jenn here

Jenn Ashton
An accomplished writer from an early age, North Vancouver native Jenn Ashton has written for magazines, newspapers, scholarly journals, and has recently published two books for children.

Although art has always been a part of Jenn's repertoire, be it music or programming, she has only recently delved into the world of paint. 

Jenn also runs Rave On Studio with her partner Chris and their good sized dog, Django.


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