Thursday, June 16, 2016

I Love You Too Bernie!! #FeelTheBern

This is a Must-See Video!!
Bernie is the man to make the changes need. I hope the American public can over-power the corruption. They are in for a real battle, a revolution, a movement to take back their democracy.

There's been talk about Bernie going Green. I think that's fabulous. I am Green in Canada. Green's have great, I have to check out the US one but alot of people like this Jill Stein.

I have also heard talk about Tulsi, I believe she is from Hawaii and has some great values so at this point I don't really know what is happening in the US but it's a very interesting time in history and I hope everyone is paying attention.

Thing is there are a lot of distractions and that's where people must be diligent. If mainstream media and media in general are all focused on something...some event...what is going on that you are not seeing.

Like that famous line about the magician... when the magician says the trick is happening's really happening somewhere else. SO BE AWARE!!

Be sure to check out- Share and Spread the Word for #Truth #SocialJustice #HumanRights

CABIN TALK - what's cookin in the political kitchen
If you want to hear a different opinion from the mainstream media that is feeding us nothing but junk food then check out this page!
language rated R

Do you want you children to go to war!!
Trump & Hilary will send them!!
They passed a law yesterday. 
Stop the Wars!!
Hilary=Trump Trump=Hilary

There's a great video here

96%- Yes for Bernie to Run Green Poll

Election Fraud

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