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Help the 2016 Totem Pole Journey

Please help support the 2016 Totem Pole Journey.
From their Facebook page:

"We're almost there!! We have 5 days to go and we need $608 to meet our goal (ends July 21st)! If we don't make the $8000 goal, we cannot collect the donations we've received so far. Anything above and beyond the $8000 will still be applied to the expenses of the Journey.

So please donate now at and pass the word onto friends, co-workers, allies, family and communities!

The Native American Connections Ministry Team of the Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship, in conjunction with the UU Faithify crowdfunding site, are working together to raise $8,000 for the Totem Pole Journey.

Folks wanting to donate after July 21st can go to the Totem Pole Journey website at

This Journey focuses on acknowledging the devastating impacts of the multitude of fossil fuel projects and how those projects transgress with impunity across state lines in the U.S. and across international borders, particularly the U.S./Canadian border. 

They include the transportation lanes from the Bakken oil fields throughout the U.S and the pipelines carrying Alberta tar sands that crisscross the international border from the Washington, Oregon and British Columbia in the Pacific Northwest, across the Great Lakes region, to Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine in the Northeast. 

Whether in the U.S. or in Canada, the devastating impacts of the fossil fuel projects are hitting the First/American Indian Nations the hardest.

Lummi Nation, for the past three years, has been cultivating relations and alliances across the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. and Canada. 

One of the ways these relations and alliances have been developed has been through the Totem Pole Journeys. 

The first Journey in 2013 traveled under the banner of “Kwel Hoy: We Draw the Line.” 

The Totem Pole created then now stands as a sentinel to watch over the Tsleil-Waututh First Nation near Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada, a testament of the opposition to the existing and proposed pipelines running through its territory. 

In 2014, a Totem Pole journeyed under the banner of “Our Shared Responsibility” and now stands as sentinel in the territory of the Beaver Lake Cree Nation that is being severely and adversely impacted by tar sands extraction. 

In 2015, a Totem Pole was created to stand as a sentinel over the Northern Cheyenne who were threatened with coal extraction and shipment out of the sacred sites of Otter Creek and the Tongue River in Montana.
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Blessing Stop                                                               Date of Event
Bellingham, WA, U.S.                                                       August 23
Vancouver, British Columbia Province, Canada         August 23-24
Seattle, WA, U.S.                                                                August 25
Longview, WA, U.S.                                                          August 26
Yakama, WA, U.S.                                                              August 27
Spokane, WA, U.S.                                                            August 27
Sandpoint, ID, U.S.                                                           August 28
Missoula, MT, U.S.                                                             August 28
Edmonton, Alberta Province, Canada                           August 30
Regina, Saskatchewan Province, Canada                      September 1
Cheyenne River, SD, U.S.                                                 September 3
Yankton, SD, U.S.                                                              September 4
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada                                         September 7

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