Saturday, July 2, 2016

Oh Canada..149th..Look at us now!

My time has flown. Seems like it was Canada day just last year. ha! ha!  Next year will be 150. My how it's changed through this time. For the worse and for the bettter...a constant changing paradigm

Seriously though, this is a day that has so many intricacies all wrapped around it, I don't know quite where to begin.

I have a learned a lot in the last year about so Indigenous heritage, Politics, Social Justice, Climate Change...and not just what they are about but was drawn into communities so passionate and hurting so bad, trying to make real change.

There have been dark times for sure. I think that now there's going to be light. It's coming, I can feel it, I can't explain it.

Some very interesting and exciting developments have occurred recently. We had the 3 Amigos Summit here and they  made some strong claims on Climate Change, Women Rights and Diversity that I sincerely hope for humanities sake they follow through on.

Do you know there's a Canada in Mexico. There is. This is it!!  Mexico needs our help right now. Good courageous indigenous and non-indigenous uniting against social injustice. Just as we have here but there it is much more dangerous and 9 people were killed in Oaxaca last month and many people have gone missing. Just as here...our Missing and Murdered Women. Women through out the world must have human rights and social justice. 

Can we unite and reach out in what every way you can and help the good people of Oaxaca. There have been many blockades, IF you can get gas the prices are skyrocketing and you can only pay cash. I've heard the food, water everything is getting very expensive, people are starting to hurt and it should not be this way.


 "For residents of remote regions of Oaxaca, where state-run Diconsa stores have been running low on supplies, relief came today in the form of the first airlift: a Mexican Air Force Hercules C130 aircraft carried 18 tonnes from Puebla to the Oaxaca tourist destination of Huatulco for distribution to rural areas.
Two flights per day until Saturday will deliver a total of 108 tonnes of food supplies.

Land transport is being employed between Guerrero and Oaxaca to transport another 600 tonnes, a supply that is expected to keep Diconsa stores stocked for two weeks.)

Cañada is a region in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico covering 4,300 square km. It includes two districts, Teotitlán and Cuicatlán.[1] The main administrative center is Teotitlan de Flores Magon, but Huautla de Jimenez is considered the most important cultural center in the region.

 Convites de #Guelaguetza2016
1,2, 8 y 9 de Julio de 2016

This beautiful celebration is being deeply impacted by the blockades and lack of tourist. I have heard it may be canceled.

I have also heard that people are tired and fed up with the corruption and they are demanding it stop

There is much unrest in Oaxaca after things turned violent

 when people had protests over and over with no results

There are many blockade and I fear things will turn for the bad if someone does not intervene.

I call upon the United Nations to watch over Oaxaca. 

 CAÑADA is one of them. 
CAÑADA::Teotitlán: Lock on Federal Highway 135 kilometer 62 + 300 up to the IMSS, 30 teachers of Section XXII.Teotitlán: Lock on the street Galeana junction with a dirt road "Old Road  

I hope the 3 Amigos Summit really can make change.
 Today marks a renewed partnership between Mexico & Canada, as we work to strengthen ties and grow our economies.

From David Suzuki's Fb page
We are all connected deep down to the birds, bees and butterflies.
Page Liked · 14 hrs ·
Welcome back, monarch butterflies! After a 4,000 km trip from Mexico, monarchs have begun arriving in Canada – and our pals at The Weather Network say the forecast is for a butterfly-filled summer!

The 3 Amigos Summit

 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, President Barack Obama, and President Enrique Peña Nieto share a common commitment to a competitive, low-carbon and sustainable North American economy and society.

The Paris Agreement was a turning point for our planet, representing unprecedented accord on the urgent need to take action to combat climate change through innovation and deployment of low-carbon solutions.

North America has the capacity, resources and the moral imperative to show strong leadership building on the Paris Agreement and promoting its early entry into force. We recognize that our highly integrated economies and energy systems afford a tremendous opportunity to harness growth in our continuing transition to a clean energy economy.

Our actions to align climate and energy policies will protect human health and help level the playing field for our businesses, households, and workers.

In recognition of our close ties and shared vision, we commit today to an ambitious and enduring North American Climate, Clean Energy, and Environment Partnership that sets us firmly on the path to a more sustainable future.

Beautiful Oaxaca, this is the place we must protect.

Santiago Pinotepa Nacional Oaxaca

First Nations chief finds common ground with Mexican politician at Three Amigos summit
Issues that affect Indigenous people similar in both Canada and Mexico, says North Wilson

"North Wilson said it is clear the issues that impact Indigenous people in Canada are similar to those that affect Indigenous people in Mexico. " 

"The issue of violence against Indigenous women was discussed between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, U.S. President Barack Obama and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto.
The leaders agreed the three countries must respond to the "alarmingly high levels of violence" Indigenous women and girls suffer, and a continental working group on the topic will meet in Washington later this fall."
'There is a willingness now to see that Indigenous people are important in this country.' - Sheila North Wilson, MKO grand chief
North Wilson believes the discussions at the Three Amigos summit will improve conditions for Indigenous people from the three countries.

Today's Victory with the  Federal court rules against Northern Gateway because they did not consult First Nations is glorious!! See below but with that I would like to mention a few things.

1) Where we were 2 years ago
2) Where we are now
3) Where will we be 2 years from now.

Look what we did. So happy but imagine what we CAN do!

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