Thursday, March 9, 2017

BC Childcare Crisis has existed 15+ Years! SHAME!!!

The Crisis

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Wow, takes me back. I remember nearly 15 years ago...well actually let's say 16 years ago...when I was pregnant and taking the prenatal course over on Commercial drive...come to think of it...and the Registered Nurse teaching the course asked me if I was prepared for daycare and what my plans were for working and taking care of the baby. I was clueless.

I had NO IDEA that daycares were $900 a month for babies, $675 for 3 and older ($15 a hour private) and there were lots of rules- on both sides and well it was a huge awakening into how f___d the world is when you have to pay nearly as much as you make to PAY someone to take care of your child. Sort of takes the fun out of motherhood when your are super stressed trying to survive...and can't raise your own child :( (Hello behavioral problems...).

I shall not go on...but just one more point..Paul Martin ? he was going to bring in the $10 day care plan back when Angel was about 3.5...but he lost the Federal election. He was basically bringing in Quebec's daycare plan. I heard that was formed when women went to man in charge of that ministry at the time and locked the door and kept him there until he agreed. I like that! Sending love and light, let's do what's right. Let's take care of moms and kids!! Free daycare for all!!

Let them run in the schools, gardens, solar...the future..we got to go for it. If Vancouver doesn't become the greenest, socially just city ever...that will suck because we know what is wrong, we have the technology and knowledge..we just all need to work together to do it. Do we have the wisdom?

I don't know why this $6million man clip popped into my head...I guess I am nostalgic..after sharing the clips for Norma Rae yesterday.

We were fed all this hope and that technology could make things better. But where is wisdom and ethics. We have the technology...we can rebuild the systems...Go Green. A Socially Just world.

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"Our vision: an environmentally sustainable, socially just and spiritually fulfilling human presence on the Earth."

Sure sounds goods...doesn't it? Let's make some noise and some change...Do it for your kids. Do it for ALL the kids and the next 7 generations. Please!

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