Sunday, April 9, 2017

Halt, Housing & Grilled Cheese $50 Grand Fundraiser TODAY!

I am just so exhausted from Friday I can't make it to either of these. If you can, Please Go!! Show your support. Make videos and I will share them. So proud of everyone working together and speaking up!! And using art to make there voices heard. I am with you in spirit. I was there last year when we got this puppy rolling...with the Sleepover at City Hall and the Empty Condo lottery 

WHAT: #SuperPlate, a $50,000-per-plate fundraising event to help advance the HALT agenda to the incumbent government (see the end).

WHEN: 1:30-3:00 pm on Sunday, April 9, 2017

WHERE: Vancouver Art Gallery (VAG), 750 Hornby St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2H7

The event will be held on open public ground of the VAG, on Robson St. side.

Invited attendees (not yet confirmed):
• The Honourable Christina Joan “Christy” CLARK, Premier of British Columbia
• The Honourable Rich COLEMAN, Minister Responsible for Housing and Deputy Premier of British Columbia

CONFIRMED speakers:

Mr. Paul DOROSHENKO, Vancouver lawyer who in March 2017 sued the BC Liberals for spending taxpayer funds on BC Liberal attack ads

Mr. Glen CHERNEN, Financial analyst who recently blew the lid off BC Housing’s $39m loan to a luxury condo pre-sale project marketed by The King of Grilled Cheese.

Mr. Dermod TRAVIS, Executive Director of IntegrityBC who recently helped to expose the issue on political donations to our government.

Ms. Beverly HO, Activist with the Chinatown Concern Group, a citizens group working to counter the destruction of Vancouver’s Chinatown by property developers.

Event Description:
Like a BC super PAC, HALT Vancouver will host an exclusive fundraiser to advance our agenda to the incumbent political party (Today’s BC Liberals). To keep up with the tradition of “cash for access” set out by our political leaders, we have set the price of the VIP ticket for this exclusive event at $50,000 CAD per plate, cash only.

 The honorable guests who paid for the entry will enjoy an exquisite meal of grilled cheese sandwich in a small, velvet rope enclosed, VIP area in the presence of our Honourable Premiere Christy Clark and Minister Responsible for Housing Rich Coleman (we will provide an update when we receive confirmed RSVP from them). During this exquisite meal, the VIP guests who paid the $50,000 will be able to advance any and all of his agenda to the most elite of our provincial political hierarchy.

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