Saturday, August 13, 2022

Day 15 Zipolita'z Painting Project 30 in 30


 Hey Hey Hey it's Happening!! Yay!!

So far so good. I have been painting like a Wild Woman but doing all sorts of other stuff like cleaning houses and making soap for my friend and taking photos and helping build her website so we can sell her soap and my paintings and just creating up a storm. 

Oh it feels good. It's exciting! EXCITING!! Can you feel it?

Instagram is a lot more fun lately! I have figured out how to add them music and having lots of fun. Anyways I just copied and pasted some of my fb posts here so I can share it easier. Enjoy!

I hope you will help! Buy a painting, make a donation, have a butterfly painted on you shirt, apron, dress, and help me get back to Mexico for the winter so I can paint and teach art to kids and hopefully go see the butterflies. 

That's is the plan. Praying and Projecting!!