Sunday, August 28, 2022


 So actually really busy at moment working on another clients website/blog but should update this. I did it. I finished my project. Just going to copy paste deets here and will add more later. 

Zipolita'z Painting Project 30 in 30


Zipolita'Z Painting Project

You know I saw one of those Elon Musk satellites fly over the other night, later I found out what it was and the person where I am staying joked "wonder if it will make our internet better"...which I hope so because it is seriously sad to basically live in such an urban area and have such horrible internet. I can't work here because of it. It is worse than Mexico times. That is really sad. I mean it was getting better there until everyone and his dog came down and decided to work. But I digress.

I finished. Yayyyyy! I painted 30 paintings in 30 days. 

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