Monday, November 15, 2010

Contest and Art Show!

So definitely didn't make the list for the Vacationer Wanted Contest! Ouch! Don't know if it was just that my video and resume never made it up...because I always got this weird code 9 error or that it just wasn't good enough. Curious to see who did make it and I wish them the best of luck. How Cool is that to be able to travel around the world, blog it and get paid!

Oh well God must have other plans for me, and well for now,  I am getting ready for my little art show at the Bean Around The World on Cornwall St. (Vancouver B.C.) and I hope that you can drop by for a coffee and take a peak at my artwork, that goes up Wednesday so drop by after see it all up.. It's going to be up til December 7th so that is really cool!'s cold out there, just felt the cold breeze come thru the window...yikes it's going to be cold...I don't like the cold. I spent years working in the cold at a processing plant and just lots of time outside, and my bones and tendon no likey!  

I'm getting so excited about Christmas and now I plan to paint my place so that will be so nice. Lots of work but in the end it will give me such a new perspective. This time of year is great for staying inside and doing things like the warmer times and summer it's just to hot to stay inside and who wants to.

This is the time of year to bake and decorate and make hot chocolate. I wonder if it will actually snow here. For many years we only got smidgens of snow...or it would dump and then melt away. In Nelson now that was a different story.  I hope that  we get to enjoy the snow for a bit and  we can go out and play and then after I hope we can run away to warmer temps. Just praying and projecting. Lots of projects to finish first.

Okay that's all for today. Touch base later. :)

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