Friday, November 26, 2010

Help Covenant House- Save The Future!!

The other day I got something in the mail, well my friend did, because we ourselves are actually sharing and do not have our own place. Something we pray will change very soon.

Life is like that, you have a plan, but things just don't follow it, things don't fall into take 2 steps forward, and then someone or something pulls the rug out from underneath you.

It is in these really difficult times that hopefully someone will reach out a hand and pull you up. It has happened to me a number of times, because sometimes for some reason, some people just fall more than others, we are not bad people, we are not lazy or stupid, Life Happens! Bad things happen, that is Just Life!

BUT good things happen too!

Anyways, as I was saying this letter from Covenant House arrived, and it had these cute little cards, and a letter. My guess is very few people read the letter. My guess is that many people kept those cards and didn't actually read ALL the letter and just tossed it in the recycling.

It was a GREAT letter, it was so truthful and so accurate, and so IMPORTANT! So I'm asking you to go back and look at that letter because that letter explains what happens to kids that don't have the solid LOVING environment to grow up in and become healthy happy adults and actually contribute to society.

That letter tells how VERY DAMAGED SICK people sneakily prey upon beautiful young children and youths and then those children become damaged, and then these young people have no hope to actually contribute because they must seek help instead.

The Downtown Vancouver streets are scary. Years ago I had to take the bus up Hastings to commute and I saw really sad and awful things.

So I'm asking you to please READ THAT LETTER, ALL OF IT! and please visit this link and say to yourself, WHAT IF I didn't have that loving family, or WHAT IF that person didn't reach out and help me up when I fell...

That's all I'm asking, I know you'll do what you can after that.

Do you have an old winter coat?

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