Thursday, November 25, 2010

There are Good People Out There!!


Return to spender

OTTAWA-When Mike Pisapio locked his front door on Cloverlawn Crescent and headed to work Thursday morning, $1,000 in crisp, new $100 bills sat in his pocket, waiting to be spent on Christmas gifts for his wife. Read more....

WOW! I love stories like this. I know there are lots of good people out there, and this confirms it. I have found money before and returned it...but the person was very suspicious, and for all the effort I went to, to actually locate them, well it wasn't nice. It was only $107 in a wallet, but they just said Thank you and didn't offer even a toonie as a thank you. Thing was at the time I really needed that money, but in the end I know in my heart my Karma was bright and shiny because of it.

This summer we tried to return an Iphone, we tried Craigslist, I thought it would be so easy, but after answering many emails, even posting the phone on Youtube, well no luck. We took it to the police, where, because it had some type of lock on it, it basically ended up in the garbage, because they could not give it to us because of privacy laws and they could not find the owner. That was sad, Iphones are expensive.

This mail carrier has awesome Karma and the man that lost the money must have wonderful Karma too, since the money he lost was returned. I just love a Good News story like this...very Christmasy...and at this time of year ...there's a lot of people who need that cheer!

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