Saturday, April 14, 2012

Keyhole Gardening

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Check out this brilliant idea. We live in a big apartment complex and the other day I was wondering how we could be more sustainable and use all the garbage for composting. This is a super cool idea. 

 I found this video on this other website along with helpful step by step photos.
What is a Keyhole Garden
From "Deb Tolman"
The Keyhole Garden is a waist-high raised garden bed, circular in shape with a slice cut out of the circle to gain entry to a circular basket located in the center.  The basket serves to efficiently water and fertilize the plants in the garden – water-rich, compostable waste is placed in the basket, allowing nutrients and moisture to flow out to the roots of the plants.  This garden allows the conservation-minded gardener to recycle, compost, and grow a surprisingly large quantity of local produce in one six foot circular bed.  And Dr. Deb adds, “you’ll never have to bend over while gardening again!”

Here's a great Facebook page on Keyhole Gardens

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