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International 420 Day

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4/20: Friday, April 20th, 2012 @ Vancouver Art Gallery
Do you know what 420 is? 420 refers to when someone smokes marijuana. I heard it started as people that would get together at 4:20 everyday to smoke and it grew from there. Now today is International Cannibis Day. April 20th  which is 4/20. I didn't even know this was happening but saw something about it yesterday and wanted to share my thoughts.

Did you hear how Stephen Harper was all down on the fact that Latin America countries want to legalize drugs. I support Mexico and these countries 100%.  It's not their "War On Drugs" and that whole mentally and wording is strongly responsible for the war that has developed down there.

When drug law policies treat people in a humane way instead of criminals that is the only way our culture can move forward.

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Marijuana should be used as the medicine it is. Even the coca leaf is a medicine but not in the form that people change it to. In South America, the Kogis use it in it's natural form, placing a small leaf on the tongue  before bed and meditating as the Shaman instructs them. They do this when they have a dilemma- stress- to help them find clarity.

This culture of ours is too stressed. And before I start rambling let me point out that when alcohol was illegal there were all sorts of the same crap going on with Al Capone and other gangsters killing all sorts of innocent people. This all has to STOP!!

Anyways, I think it's cool that today lots of people will be downtown celebrating. It's a beautiful sunny day for it. We had  Four former B.C. attorneys general -- Colin Gabelmann, Ujjal Dosanjh, Graeme Bowbrick and Geoff Plant --  stand up and say they are for legalization of cannabis.

From Global:

"It's just time - 77 per cent of Canadians are telling us it's time to change the law."

The former provincial justice ministers, who cross party lines, on Tuesday joined a growing chorus of academics, four Vancouver mayors, the Health Officers Council of B.C., the Liberal Party of Canada and others who say the 89-year-old marijuana prohibition has failed.

but no Stephen Harper would rather pollute us with the pipeline that let a person chill out and medicate themselves with a natural substance that God put on this earth to use responsibly. This is obvious with that Omnibus Crime Bill he pushed thru, obviously ignoring what the people of Canada truly want and support.

I know it will be legalized one day...when many people have to die before this all ends. The money saved could be used for rehabs and education.

Well if you want more info on the 4/20

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Have you ever seen Surfer Dude! It's one of my all time favourite movies. It's so funny.

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ELIZABETH MAY- GREEN PARTY - Now they have the correct approach. Her party supports the following and so do I.

The need for a human rights–based approach to drugs policy

The Green Party recommends the following actions:
  • Legalize marijuana by removing marijuana from the drug schedule.
  • Create a regulatory framework for the safe production of marijuana by small, independent growers.
  • Develop a taxation rate for marijuana similar to that of tobacco.
  • Establish the sale of marijuana to adults for medicinal or personal use through licensed distribution outlets.
  • Educate the public about the health threats of marijuana, tobacco and other drug use.
  • Provide increased funding to safe injection sites, treatment facilities and addict rehabilitation which have now proven to be economically and socially in the best interests of the country.
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