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SHAME ON the Real Housewives of Vancouver for MISS REPRESENTATION

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APRIL 12/ 2013 UPDATE:

Real Housewives of Vancouver: Going out with a bang

 After reading this and all the comments (be sure to read the comments below the article) maybe now they'll finally get rid of this show. Or at least re-cast with some "healthy" women.  So sad...sad for women, sad for men, children, sad for Vancouverites, just plain SAD!! Stop Miss Representing Women!! and Vancouver!

Original Post: April 5/2012

SHAME ON "The Real Housewives of Vancouver "  television program and "Slice" too. SHAME ON YOU for MISS REPRESENTING women and especially the women of Vancouver.

I haven't been able to sleep well all night as this post was begging to be written so I got up early to share it. First let me tell you that I have seen ads for "Real Housewives for Whereever" and watched a little bit and I was more offended than impressed by what I saw, so I have never watched more than a 10 -20 minutes.

But when I saw that they were doing a show in Vancouver, my first reaction was "OH NO!" how could they!! So I had to watch and see how bad it would be. I knew there would be lots of Vancouver scenery and so I was curious.

So last night I watched and it lived up to every bit of it's reputation.


I just have a few comments and then I will put this puppy to bed and get on with my day. First, Jody you are a bully.  It doesn't matter if you have money or not, if you are self made or not, it's not appropriate to tell someone in front of a TV camera and a zillion viewers that a person  is an idiot and that they need therapy. It doesn't take rocket science to know that compassion is required.

That conversation should be held quietly together and in a very quiet comforting way suggest to that person they could get some counseling. You were so condescending and righteous it was really disturbing and sad.

Christina OMG, obviously you've suffered some kind of abuse that has put you where you are today. SHAME ON everyone for allowing that whole birthday party scene to be on TV. What does that say to everyone. Everything that women work so hard for to demonstrate to men, children, women, the world that we are intelligent powerful creative entities that deserve respect, flew out the window.

I seriously hope that you will be okay after this and you don't hurt yourself or others as I believe you need therapy and you have been damaged, but I believe you are a good person, you've just been hurt and abused and now it's all coming out in inappropriate ways.

For all the women on the REAL HOUSEWIVES OF VANCOUVER  with children, shame on you. How are those young men going to think after that. What will they think about women. How will they treat women. Badly, I imagine, because you MISS REPRESENTED US. You misrepresented all women on that show because in today's messed up society people believe what they see and this especially true in the media.

What did Jody say, something about you shouldn't judge until you walk in others shoes, OMG lady, do you hear yourself.  Why don't you go down to the DTES have a walk in the shoes around there.

And actually that's what I would like to say to all of you, since you have done all this damage to all women by misrepresenting us all so badly in the media, you should pay for your crimes by selling off some of those cars and houses and $1100 jeans and go make a difference.

I was trying to figure out why each of you did this, obviously Jody you want to promote your book and Mary you are trying to go back to singing, Christina your looking for someone new and I haven't figured out Ronnie or Reiko's agenda's but "WOW, all I can say was WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!"

Okay I've vented, I'm not saying I'm perfect or better or have all the answers or that I haven't  made stupid mistakes, because I have. What I am saying is that now that you have done this terrible thing please fix it.

The REAL WOMEN OF VANCOUVER and of EVERYWHERE DESERVE IT!! as well as their husband, children, parents, families, society and the world in general.

You have tons of money, so you have no excuse not to.

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Anonymous said...

the fact that you watched saw what happened at christina's birthday party means you've watched more than 10-20 minutes. U JUST GOT OWNED! LOL

Tina Winterlik said...

Oh I watched all of it, both episodes. It was the other Housewives shows that I had never seen more than 10-20 minutes just to clarify. I was trying to be fair and see what it was really about and I wanted to see the Vancouver scenes. Did you actually like it that you would try to defend it? Are you a woman?

Anonymous said...

It was horrible and I was cringing and embarrassed not only for the women on the show but what a black eye on Vancouver..these kind of women do not represent Vancouver, they seem very lost, delusional and superficial It was full of awkward, forced 'drama' that was ridiculous and passive aggressive. Jody IS a bully and god help her mini-me daughter who seems to be a pit bull like her mother.I enjoyed your views on it Tina, i really hope this fiasco is cancelled.

Tina Winterlik said...

Thank you for your honest feelings. I hope they (Splice)cancel it too and that they (The Real Housewives of Vancouver)make efforts to make amends. There are a lot of programs downtown the government is cancelling right now. I know of one for sure that sure needs help. So I sure hope they step up to the plate. Thanks again! :)

leane said...

i agree that the show is not worth watching, but you are critical of those women for the exact same things you wrote in your blog. ie. not having compassion.

Tina Winterlik said...

Really Leane, Do you think I sound uncompassionate, I disagree. I tried to be understanding of how they got to where they are and understand their motives. I didn't say I was better, in fact I pointed out that I am not and that I make mistakes. I did ask that they take steps to correct them. Thanks for your input and pointing that out so I could clarify it.