Sunday, November 25, 2012

I AM an Artist because of Mr. Dressup!

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Like so many Canadian kids, I grew up with Mr. Dressup.
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 His show is one of my fondest childhood memories. I just remember him always being there, him and the Friendly Giant.

I loved the Tickle Trunk with all the incredible costumes, he really made your imagination come to life with all the little skits he put on.

My favorite part was when he drew pictures. He was so DARN GOOD at it!! He made it look so easy and so fun.

Casey and Finnegan were so much fun too and I loved it when we went to the treehouse. I always imagined what it looked like in there and what it would be like to live in it.

Mr. Dressup, Ernie Coombs, would have been 85 this year, and I'm so thankful that Google acknowledged him and reminded me of what a great man he was.

I don't think I would be an artist today if I hadn't watched him as much as I did. He truly imprinted me and I am so grateful. Thank you Mr. Dressup, Thank you Ernie Coombs, Thank you CBC for showing Mr. Dressup all through my childhood and later. You were a stable in my life when sometimes it was chaotic and stressful, I could escape for a little time that I always new would be peaceful and fun.

I just loved this spider costume, it was one of my favorites. :D
I also love that they addressed teasing (bullying ) in this video. Such simple methods but I believe it works. They need more of Mr. Dressup type programming these days!

If you want to learn more about this wonderful children's program please visit Wikipedia.

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