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So Obama Won! & they Voted to Legalize Pot & Equal Marriage!

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I truthfully did not follow the campaigns at all. I have been here in Mexico and have no TV access and well I just didn't follow it on the internet either. I felt powerless and so I just let it all happen and waited for the results.

I know people were sick and tired of all the campaigning at the end. You could hear it loud and clear on Facebook and Twitter.

I had read that Obama would win by a small margin, at one point it looked like Romney was going to win when watching the stats, but then the next minute Obama was ahead and then he won.

On Twitter he tweeted this

Four more years.
It became the most tweeted tweet EVER!

While watching and waiting for Obama's acceptance speech on my computer (which took forever) in my room in Zipolite, way down south in Oaxaca Mexico( which is pretty amazing when you think of it)  I followed my Facebook.

and someone blogged about "Obama Declares Election Victory Via Email And Tweet Before Speech" -

which is interesting and tells where we are with Social Media & technology today!

I was psyched to hear that

Amendment 64 Passes: Colorado Legalizes Marijuana For Recreational Use

So WOOT!! Wow!! Yippee! Now Stephen Harper you don't have much of an arguement about why we can't get with the program and legalize and have a

Human rights–based approach to drugs policy

The Green Party recommends the following actions:

  • Legalize marijuana by removing marijuana from the drug schedule.
  • Create a regulatory framework for the safe production of marijuana by small, independent growers.
  • Develop a taxation rate for marijuana similar to that of tobacco.
  • Establish the sale of marijuana to adults for medicinal or personal use through licensed distribution outlets.
  • Educate the public about the health threats of marijuana, tobacco and other drug use.
Provide increased funding to safe injection sites, treatment facilities and addict rehabilitation which have now proven to be economically and socially in the best interests of the country.

And STOP the STUPID War on Drugs!!

The only war on drugs we should have is the on the pharmaceutical companies but that's another whole battle. Someone told the most money in the world is spent on weapons the 2nd is on pharmaceuticals. Obviously it's time people woke up and changed to a more holistic and organic lifestyle of more indigenous traditions.

I was SUPER HAPPY to see that Maryland, Maine and Washington APPROVED EQUAL MARRIAGE. Wow!! that took a long time, United States your finally getting there. 

There were some funny tweets last night, here was one of my faves.
Funny Tweet


So, Big Bird keeps his job at PBS. Bert & Ernie can finally get married. Grover, Oscar, & the Count can smoke 1, 2, 3, 4 joints. Ah ah ah!

I don't quite get the whole big bird thing, I missed it, I saw a photo of someone dressed as Big Bird going to vote but maybe someone can explain all that to me.

This tweet is really relevant
For Sure!!

EarthMatter @EarthDefendah

RT @ecoforumorg @Ellenerlanger Now we need to ensure that #Obama doesn't compromise or renege on his #green and...

I don't know much about Romney but I saw a few things that lead me to believe are views are completely opposite on many issues, but I was on the fence for Obama (not like a get any choice in this matter except to express my views)  because I heard he's in favor of the Enbridge Pipeline!

 That upsets me and I sure hope that he's not!! and  I hope that he'll rethink all that because the Enbridge Pipeline is the stupidest, most detrimental proposal ever. I won't even get started on that. You can read some of my posts on it if you want.


Donald Trump made big fool of himself with his tweets and they captured in twitter

Photos: Donald Trump is... The Sorest Loser
Donald Trump was not happy about President Barack Obama winning four more years in the White House, and he took to Twitter to voice his frustrations. Though he has deleted several of his post-election tweets, we were able to capture them just in time. Maybe his next reality show could be called The Sorest Loser?
See his tweets here:

From Twitter
"We can't let this happen. We should march on Washington and stop this travesty. Our nation is totally divided!," he wrote.

"Lets fight like hell and stop this great and disgusting injustice! The world is laughing at us. (sic)"

When I saw this I tweeted "Omgosh, how sad! The world is not laughing at you it's clapping for you!" 

I was so tired waiting for Obama's speech. It was fun seeing all the happy people while watching CNN Live  but it was after 12am in Mexico and I was exhausted.

Finally Obama came on

Obama just took stage to Stevie Wonder's "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" 

Which was sort of cool. All the music was really good and that was nice but like I said long.

I guess because he wait a long time for Romney to concede and then whatever phone calls he had to make and who knows but finally he made his speech and it was good.

I like that he said the that after 10 years of war it was almost over. Thank God! 
And how he really tried to reach out to the average working person and about the health care system is working, it sounds like that with the changes about and these things that are happening the US is progressing and healing again.  So kudos to Obama for a good speech and Kudos to the people for voting to legalize marijuana and legalize equal marriage. 

Like I said I hope that Obama keeps "green" and that the US really tries to stop using oil and look for alternatives. 

I hope the whole world works on that for that matter. 

And with that I want to share the videos below because these gentleman really discuss some very relevant info on where we are in this universe in the scheme of things and what we have to do to get there.

Addressing the Root: Change Starts Within

There is no shortage of ideas, inventions, and technological advances focused on alleviating the environmental and social crises we are increasingly being asked to address.  It would be nice to believe that technology, legislation, and lifestyle choices are both the cause, and the answer, to these problems, and that if we implement enough action in the right direction, and employ enough grit and determination, we just might be able to move off the unsustainable, unjust track we’re on.

A Widespread Crisis of Consciousness

In this compelling video series, two visionaries – Duane Elgin, author of many books including “Voluntary Simplicity;” and Peter Russell, also an author whose work focuses on consciousness and spiritual awakening – explore the idea that real change won’t happen if we merely implement fixes in external world. Read more here

And so with this I have to add one more video that is super relevant to all this and you may have seen it before but it's so great I hope you will watch it again.

And to help you find a little peace and if you need a place to chill out after all the campaigning then check out the Meditation Point at Shambhala in Zipolite Mexico. Zipolite, Oaxaca, Mexico

Okay and with that I want to tell you it's still really quiet down here, people are starting to arrive but it's super beautiful and peaceful and the people of Zipolite are waiting for you. I made this video 2 months ago now but it will give you a good idea about what this little town looks like.

And you can see lots of my other videos at

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