Thursday, November 29, 2012

Stop Ads On CBC & Let's Change Advertising to Positive Moments!!!

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Let's be honest here, advertising today is UNHEALTHY!! And EVERYBODY knows it! All it does most of the time is tell you that you are fat, unhealthy, smell, or need something. What ever it's selling, you are not going to be happy until you have this. One of the things I love about being in Mexico right now, is we have no TV.

That's right, no TV and I love it. We don't even have a radio.  I have the internet and I am informed but I chose the info I receive by following the channels, pages that I like.

The CBC is a sanctuary that for those people who enjoy it, listen to it because it's super unique and doesn't have all those horrible ads.

It's true, the Harper government is brutalizing it with deep budget cuts but people have to support the CBC and take on Harper, not cave in and put ridulicous demeaning advertising on it. I realise they must be desperate and people jobs are on the line, so please I understand that I have empathy for the people trying to make the right decisions faced with these difficult issues but this not the right decision.

Watch these videos that they created. It comical but it's very realistic in it's depiction about what will happen to the CBC.

It's just to bad they can't outlaw all "negative" advertising on TV and Radio, it's obviously what people want.  The internet is just as bad but you more control. On TV or radio all you have is mute.

People obviously realize it unhealthy and they are unhappy with it,  that's why they pay the big bucks to pre-program the TV, so they don't have to be harrassed and brainwashed by negative advertising. Not everyone has that option of pre-programming and it doesn't exist for radio.

I guess that's really the next step these petition campaigns have to take is to stop negative, demeaning, brainwashing and inappropriate advertising.

 I remember once watching a show with my daughter on YTV (I TRULY DISLIKE THE ADS ON YTV-NOW THERE'S PLACE TO START A STOP THE ADS CAMPAIGN) but sometimes there are good shows or movies and my kid really wants to watch, so it's super frustrating)and yes it was targeted at pre-teen kids, but my daughter who was 8 or 9 at the time  was watching and every commercial break a condom commercial came on.

And the ad was targeted at adults, it wasn't a be careful gentle approach in a way that would be appropriate to educate younger children, so we had to have a big conversation about that and she was pretty grossed out because the same commercial "CONDOM MAN" (or something like that) kept coming on. Yuck! Poor kid :( Poor me :( Poor Everybody :(

I hope people will speak up on this issue. This is a good start and I hope it opens the flood gates of discussion on this subject. Let's Stop Ads on the CBC, but let's Stop the Negative Advertising Everywhere.

 Let's just have positive happy healthy moments, where people are encouraged to get up and stretch and take a breath, take a walk, meditate, enjoy the day, do some art, hug a loved one, cuddle their pet, now that is the type of advertising that could really change the world.

Until then though, please sign the petition and STOP ADS ON THE CBC. Gracias!

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