Thursday, June 27, 2013

If we settle down, maybe Nature will settle down

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So I was on Facebook this morning and on Global they posted this question yesterday but the conversation was still going?

Your thoughts: Do gun range ads on Canada Line have violent overtones? -
Now I don't want to focus on that, as that was that conversation but I did post a couple of videos that I asked people to watch. And there is something VERY interesting that came to mind when I re-watched this video.  Starting at  7:10 in the video.

Please watch and think very carefully as he talks about the "collective negativity" and "collective consciousness".  There has been so much frustration and anger over the Tar Sands and the Pipeline.

Did this collective negative energy cause the flooding?  Listen to what Deepak Chopra says here, it really made me think.

Here's the second one.

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