Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Be a Rockstar Blogger!!

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A friend just shared a great article on Blogging, I have homework to do and can't read it all right now but there's some great take aways and here are 10.

"How to Become a Rockstar Blogger and Monetize your Passion

In three words: follow your bliss"  https://medium.com/personal-brand/d5e0a3c3b7a4

Rockstar bloggers chase their passions, not dollars.
Rockstar bloggers believe in themselves.
Rockstar bloggers play the long-term game.
Rockstar bloggers embrace failure as a part of the game.
Rockstar bloggers are interested in others more than in themselves.
Rockstar bloggers are very hard workers.
Rockstar bloggers respond to every tweet and comment.
Rockstar bloggers are relationship builders.
Rockstar bloggers are empirical.
Rockstar bloggers constantly read, learn, test and experiment.

I can answer yes to almost all, I am not sure what empirical means.

For example this weekend I just remodeled 3 of my blogs, and added a old blog that I renamed and updated...

Blogging isn't a get rich quick scheme, if that happens for you, God Bless and all the power to you.

For me it's about sharing...whether it photos, art, info and it's definitely hard work and I never quit, I may take a break or step out for a bit but for the last 7 + years I have been blogging on a regular basis on several blogs.  Anyways here is the link and you can check it out https://medium.com/personal-brand/d5e0a3c3b7a4

Here's my new (remodeled) blogs


 and the old one..

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