Friday, February 14, 2014

Indiegogo and a year in Bali Dream

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So today was Valentines and I am feeling very happy at the moment but I was really disappointed and sad early.

It should have been the HAPPIEST day, but for Angel it sucked...BiG TiMe!! Let me explain.

Last night we made the chocolate cupcakes for the party they were having at school today. Remember Angel has been homeschooled mostly. Except for kindergarten, half of grade 4 and now. And the great thing about that is that she really wasn't exposed to the meanesss of kids. If you know what I mean. Empathy is seriously lacking out there people. And if you have a kid I hope you will seriously examine their behaviour and yours and figure out where you stand in all this.

Like I said, it should have been the best day. Last night we baked chocolate cupcakes. Angel diligently hand drew and made each Valentines Card for all 27 kids in her class.

Valentines by Angel Winterlik © 2014

Valentines by Angel Winterlik © 2014

Valentines by Angel Winterlik © 2014

Valentines by Angel Winterlik © 2014

Valentines by Angel Winterlik © 2014

Valentines by Angel Winterlik © 2014

  We figured out what she would wear, they were having a party and I said why not wear the dress I bought you. We had scored and got it for $11. But she hadn't worn it at Christmas or New Years and I said wear it because you will grow out of it before you get to. So then we decided to make a little top hat...similar to Alice in Alice in Wonderland we were thinking. So we figured that out and it turned out great!!

So in the morning, I got her dressed and off she went with the cupcakes, she was nervous, but I said she looked beautiful and I prayed she have the best day ever...

But when I picked her up from school wasn't the best day ever...she said that 3 kids in her class had been rude to her and that one boy in the grade 7's pointed at her during assembly and then all the grade 7's laughed...which humiliated her.

Her teacher sorted out the kids in her class and they had to write notes of apologies... but still...this has damaged her...she said she never wants to dress up for Valentines again :(.

Darn you haters... why...why did you do that to my little angel.

I was mad and sad when she told me. I told her "haters going to hate but lovers going to love". But the damage has been done. School sucks. It makes me mad that I put her in the system for her to be trampled by mean kids that have no empathy.  I told her...let's quit. I'll pull you out right now...but she said no...she loves her teacher.

Still it makes me want to go a different route. I don't want these kinds of things to keep crushing her beautiful spirit.

One day they had a sub and she didn't know Angel had been homeschooled and had never gone up to write on the blackboard. Angel volunteered and as some point made a small mistake and all the kids started shouting behind her and she burst into tears...and sat down. Now she says she will never do that again.

What to do...what to do..I had an idea...I saw this thing a while ago for a school in Bali. A green school. I would like to take Angel there for a year. I think I want to do something radical and start a Indiegogo campaign and see if we can raise money to go. Would you support us?

I'm almost finished my hopefully I can work from there..on my computer...I don't know how much money we'd need but I know we are very good at budgeting and those of you that have followed on our Adventurez in Mexico know we could provide you will lots of tips, photos, videos and entertainment if we went.

Anyways...that's my plan. What do you think? She such a talented and smart person, would you help us so that she can blossom to the full potential that she can be. Check out this...she made these.

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