Saturday, February 8, 2014


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Oops, just realized one video didn't show up.  Fixing it now
I always loved that movie Pay It Forward,

Here's the one I missed and it's the key!!!

 it's a wonderful movie that is sad, inspiring and deals with many of todays real life issues.

Surfing Facebook today came across this video about Neknomination a drinking game that is gone viral and resulted in 2 deaths.

As this video points out this type of game has been around a long game and it asks the question what can be done about it. It also points out some great people that flipped this thing on it's head and came up with Raknomination- Random Acts of Kindness.

I hope we see more of this. Please share widely and inspire people to do more RAK-random acts of kindness.

Update: Oh this one is so sweet, just had to add it!!

This one too is lovely!!

and this one too is so sweet!!

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