Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Prayers for Ukraine

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2014!/zipolita @zipolita Google+

As the horrors of the Ukraine spread across the news, social media is asked to help spread the word. I was just watching the 3 Amigos Summit,  and Stephen Harper actually said something that I respected and that was the following:
"During their meeting, Harper and Obama discussed and strongly condemned the violence taking place on the streets of Ukraine, agreeing that the Ukrainian government is responsible for protecting its people and upholding the universal right to freedom of expression.

They also agreed that the military should be showing restraint, and should refrain from becoming involved in issues that should be resolved by civilians. Both resolved to work closely with European allies on options for additional measures."

From the internet I found this video

Social Media has been called upon to spread the word and help. This link shares images from  Twitter. Be prepared for graphic images but these are real people, these could be your parents, grandparents, looking at them makes me turn and gasp and cry out ..."how horrible, why...???". It will shock you but make you feel the impact more than the filtered images on the news.

Please now I ask you to watch the video above and to say prayers and think positive peaceful thoughts that this horrible situation can be resolved and there will be peace.

Please God send in the angels...many many angels.

And I think it is a good time to watch and share this video "A Message of Hope" once again. Let there be hope!


Tina Reed Johnson said...

You are doing your part, Tina, in sharing this story. Thanks for posting, they have my support.

Tina Winterlik said...

Thanks Tina :D