Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Death Defying Bathroom Make-Over

Well I'm on a bit of holiday and what do I decide to do...but paint my bathroom. It was so long over do. I had been planning for like a year or maybe 6 months but really for ever.

It's an old bathroom but I know it was painted a few years back but it was sad. It's just ugly. I tried to spruce it up a bit with a new shower curtain and I got new rugs.

Still it was ugly and dirty...because who likes to clean an ugly bathroom...right! Not me!

So today I painted. It was hard. I am short and tried to do that ceiling which turned out to be" truly death defying! "

You should have heard the words out of my mouth as the step slipped on the chair that my friend was supposed be holding so I won't after that fail I got a better idea.

Tip #1: if you are short use elastics to attached the roller to broom handle.

It worked great. The trickiest part of the day was I was cheap (Tip #2: Don't be cheap) and we bought $ dollar store rollers. Well after like 1 or 2 minutes the things just pop right off. Paint and all...flopping here and was a bit of nightmare. Good thing is it's latex and cleans up with steel wool and elbow grease.

Anyways here's the makeover. Not bad for one afternoon. Now if I could just take on the rest of the house. But oh ya...I'm on holidays. :D

Before- Not my paintings

Ew...pinky tan toilet and sink- I mean thank God I have one but hard to make pretty.

Getting started


I was tired, it needed a 2nd coat but by adding clouds and birds it takes your attention away from the blotchy paint.

Sky with Clouds Cieling- it was nasty before.

Cloud/Sky Ceiling

Cloud/Sky Walls

Sea side/Sky with cloud theme

well it's not the best but for a quick fix on one afternoon, I'm happy!!

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