Monday, February 2, 2015

We Must Be United and Stop Harper & Bill C-51

Jeezz, it's pretty freaky the stuff that has been happening. It sure doesn't feel like Canada and with the way Harper secretly passes these things....When is it going to stop?

Have you ever seen the movie Animal Farm. You should watch. It is so representative of all the insanity that's happening in Canada right now.

I keep thinking of the poor chickens in the movie...and the old carefully....everyone, please. Then think carefully because if we do not elect someone other than Harper we will have hardship and regrets for generations to come.

Please act, vote Green, or NDP or Liberal if you have to ...make it a Green/ Liberal/NDP split. Please vote.

Otherwise innocent people who love the environment and care about the future of our children may face arrest and other serious consequences and we ALL  know that is wrong. STOP HARPER FROM DESTROYING CANADA!

"Most importantly, Parliament must not allow Mr. Harper to turn CSIS, an intelligence agency, into a secret police force. Intelligence-gathering was deliberately separated from police work 30 years ago, after the RCMP’s repeated breaches of the law and civil rights. A wise decision was made to keep police out of the spy business, and spies out of policing. CSIS was the outcome, but successive governments, including Mr. Harper’s, have not demonstrated enough seriousness about overseeing the agency’s activities and protecting Canadians’ privacy."

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