Monday, November 9, 2015

Poverty in BC- Where is Social Justice?

 We are not on assistance but we are struggling. Groceries are so expensive, the rent is ridiculous and bus tickets, school supplies and all those things make survival today very difficult and stressful on child and parents.

You know I was really surprised. I didn't know who the Minister for Social Development was...and just looked it up and I am shocked frankly. I thought that being a woman and having challenges she would be more empathetic. So feels so hopeless.  

I guess what I am asking...has your fridge ever been empty? do you know what it is like to only have $20, because after the bills that's all that's left and it has to last 20 days...but you know you can do it, hope you can do it, with the few groceries in your cupboard, you now you have to keep $6 for milk and if you can get bread and can live on French toast and maybe you can bananas if you are lucky. 

Have you ever had this challenge, Michelle Stilwell or Justin Trudeau?

"Asked if $21 a week is enough for food, the minister for social development Michelle Stilwell said, "I think certainly the comprehensive support system we have in place for individuals on income assistance and persons with disabilities helps support them in a multitude of ways."

So, does that mean Stilwell thinks $21 a week is plenty for food? "It's more important to ensure we are providing services and supports for individuals on income assistance that will help them have their best foot forward, to ensure they have an opportunity to find employment to make a better life for both their families and their children," she said."

Stilwell responded to a question about the drop by saying, "When we have an opportunity to look at increasing the rates, we will look at that at a time that's fiscally possible."

"B.C. has some of the worst poverty in Canada," he said, adding that one out of five children live in poverty in B.C., the only province in Canada without a poverty reduction plan.(Raise the Rates organizer Bill Hopwood )

It has been 8.5 years since welfare and disability rates were increased. MLAs have received raises during that time, Hopwood noted.


 The welfare rates are the same, the wages are the same, the housing costs have skyrocketed, grocery prices are ridiculous....Justin, please help us. 

People are trying, I know they are, I'm trying but the rich just turn their back to us and blame us. 

The poor are to embarrassed and humiliated to ask for help?  We are trying to keep our dignity.

But I am asking....

Who will help? Will you?

A Bird's Eye View of Child Poverty in BC from Selin Jessa on Vimeo.

We do have rights!! But who will fight for us? How can you fight for yourself, when you are exhausted and it's so much bigger than us.

Article 25: Right to an adequate standard of living

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