Monday, November 23, 2015

Are We Ready??? for the Biggest Climate March in History!!!

I can't save the world by myself!! LOL!!  
 Everyday I'm on here blogging, trying to keep people informed, trying to show them the big picture and it's hard. My butt gets frigging sore and I get so stiff, as I get up from the computer sometimes after being on "way to long" I limp like an bend over old lady....and "Yawnnnn!" and say another day..."Saving the World!" and my kid and my friend laugh and tell me to come eat some dinner.

But that's how I feel lately, for quite a while, this last year and well for many's up to me...I have some special job. Maybe that's quite presumptuous of me, thinking that I'm so special, I must inform you, but I think of it as everyone is SO BUSY and when they come home, they might turn on the news and it's so ONE sided so I try to enlighten with many messages and hope you can form informed opinions. And that's my job. Besides painting, caring for my family, myself and creating new little art projects ALL THE TIME!

And YES, the #PeacePrayerFlagProject is just that! After the Paris Bombings I saw the REALLY BIG PICTURE, this is huge, we are up against Big Oil but I was somehow so small in my thinking,

I was only focusing on #SaveOurCoast and well we were all distracted with getting Harper OUT before he TOTALLY destroyed the Canada we "thought" we knew and loved...

I say thought because with the release of the Truth and Reconciliation records we know that some people in parts of Canada were very very evil indeed and it caused all sorts of pain and suffering.

And why was that, because there was no #SocialJustice,   

People had no rights, children taken forcibly by the government, it in itself was a war, a war on children and families. Some survived but many didn't and we will never know.

One thing is that its the Indigenous peoples around the world that are the ones that see the big picture and are warning us because the ones that actually live off the land and in harmony with the earth, they are the ones MOST VULNERABLE and AFFECTED by #ClimateChange.

This OIL thing is huge but we have solutions, we can find the alternatives....we can use the sun, it's the obvious choice. Well the point is don't sit on your butt!! DO SOMETHING!!
Sadly the 4 years this video projected have come and gone...DON'T LET IT BE TO LATE!

If you don't like the gas prices, if your groceries are too high, if you boss pays you minimum wage and you can NOT support your family because rent is so high, if you can never own a home because they cost $1 million, if you farm is dying and you move to the city but there's no work, if your food is full of GMO's, your coast could be destroyed but Oil Spills, your water could be or is polluted by tailings pond from mining or fracking...THEN  UNITE NOW!!! UNITE FOR PEACE! UNITE FOR #ClimateJustice and #SocialJustice. DEMAND THIS! DEMAND DEMOCRACY!

And this is your chance to let the WORLD LEADERS that we mean BUSINESS!! Fossil Fuels are dead. People must DIVEST from Fossil Fuels or we will all be dead. IT'S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!!

SO GET READY TO MARCH!! MAKE BANNERS, PUPPPETS, PEACE PRAYER FLAGS, do what you can to make this a fun, exciting expression of POSITIVE LOVE AND ENERGY that shows the #COP21 that people demand justice!!

Do it for EVERYONE in #Paris that had been working SO HARD to organize the march and now they are not allowed. Do it for them and for us and the children of the world, of the future....the next seven generations

What would be cool is if we had lots of stiltwalkers, they make it all so exciting...I wish Angel had stilts...anyways some wonderful signs you can make with your kids. This is a GREAT teachable moment where you can get your kids involved and take them to this event. It will be fun but it will have a huge message and it will imprint them for life. MAKE A STAND TOGETHER TO SAVE OUR MOTHER EARTH!! #CLIMATEJUSTICE #SOCIALJUSTICE

There is an ART BUILD HERE
NOV 26-28TH- 10:00


Here are some great signs you may want to make!

I really LOVE THIS ONE!!
 Here we can put a Canadian spin on this!! This would be great in all languages representing the world, tribes, everyone.

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