Friday, November 13, 2015

Justin- You are off to a Great Start!!

Wow!! It's wonderful to be heard. To have a government ACTUALLY listen! It's unheard of ! I have to pinch myself this is all real.

So the first thing I heard was they are opening the Kitsilano Coast Guard!! FANTASTIC!! This will save lives right there! Great move!! Thank you!!

Next and this is HUGE, A moratorium on crude oil tanker traffic for B.C.'s North Coast. OMG!! when this is a  reality, we can all breath!! Such good news, I could cry!!

As these realities are sinking in, I am crying!! It's hard to hold back tears, when people have laughed at you and told you you are wasting your time,  that your crazy, and don't bother making an effort to #SaveOurCoast 

#SaveOurCoast series- Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2015

I am so happy, crying tears of JOY!!

And then this, he published all the letters to the minister- that is so awesome!! We can see what he actually have asked them to do!

This is an excerpt of it  to Mr. Duclos:

"All Canadian children deserve a real and fair chance to succeed, and all Canadians should be able to live with dignity. "- See more at:…/minister-families-children-and-social-dev…
and this.

"I draw your attention in particular to the Ethical Guidelines set out in Annex A of that document, which apply to you and your staff. As noted in the Guidelines, you must uphold the highest standards of honesty and impartiality, and both the performance of your official duties and the arrangement of your private affairs should bear the closest public scrutiny. This is an obligation that is not fully discharged by simply acting within the law. " - See more at:…/minister-families-children-and-social-dev…

Now we just need all the ministers to follow through and we will be starting down are wonderful path to a New and Improved Canada!!

One that people around the world will respect and hopefully try to emulate. It's a long path but I am happy we are starting down it. Hurray!

I am looking forward to a much better life for my child and myself and all Canadians! Baby steps but today he took a lot of babysteps...Way to go Justin!!

On a little side note: Justin, if you ever happen to read this, my friend said that once many years ago, (you were probably in your twenties) he picked you and your brother and dad up in his cab. He said you lived on Nelson street in Vancouver here and he took you to the airport. Your dad sat in the front.

He said your dad was really cool and laid back. My friend was impressed that your dad was dressed in a nice casual plaid shirt and not a suit and he was just very quiet, kind and genuine. My friend mentioned something about your mom was writing a book and your dad had inquired if my friend had seen her...he hadn't, he was just making conversation. Do you remember that at all? Probably not! But it's funny to think that we've indirectly connected. Have a great day Justin!! Thank you!!!

P.S. I realized I didn't know how old Justin was, so I googled and looked him up in Wikipedia. Everyone says, he's so young but he's actually 44 years old. He's not a young pup!! He just looks fabulous!

I want to send a Thank you to Sophie and Margaret too! Because they are on this journey together and I am so happy for all the working you are all doing. Cheers!

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