Thursday, September 22, 2016

Historic Treaty Signing- 50 First Nations Sign Treaty Against Tar Sands Pipelines.

Historic treaty alliance signing ceremony starting in a good way.

50 First Nations signing treaty against tar sands pipelines.

#KinderMorgan #EnergyEast #Enbridge #DakotaAccess

The world is watching.

Quoting from the National Observer:

Here's what the treaty says:

"Therefore, our Nations hereby join together under the present treaty to officially prohibit and to agree to collectively challenge and resist the use of our respective territories and coasts in connection with the expansion of the production of the Alberta Tar Sands, including for the transport of such expanded production, whether by pipeline, rail or tanker.

As sovereign Indigenous Nations, we enter this treaty pursuant to our inherent legal authority and responsibility to protect our respective territories from threats to our lands, waters, air and climate, but we do so knowing full well that it is in the best interest of all peoples, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, to put a stop to the threat of Tar Sands expansion.

We wish to work in collaboration with all peoples and all governments in building a more equitable and sustainable future, one that will produce healthier and more prosperous communities across Turtle Island and beyond, as well as preserve and protect our peoples’ way of life."

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