Sunday, September 18, 2016

Link Arms- #FishFarmsGetOut-Cleansing Our Waters

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Our Leaders Have Spoken. The authority of the Musgamagw Dzawada'enuxw people comes from 13000+ years of having a respectful relationship with our lands and waters. When we say our waters are hurting because of fish farms, they are. It's time for BC and Canada to listen now. Thank you to all who came out to support us at our rallies in Victoria and Vancouver. You are linking arms with us as we protect our sacred way of life, Gilakasla! Thank you to Tamo Campos for creating this video that mirrors our strength back at us and gives us courage! This is only the beginning. Stay tuned for news of further action we are planning to take



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No More Fish Farms! Stop The Genocide! 

EVICTION PARTY VIDEOS- #FishFarmsGetOut #Vancouver  

#FishFarmsGetOut- Pt 1 - Solidarity Rally - Van Art Gallery 

#FishFarmsGetOut- Pt 2 - Solidarity Rally - Van Art Gallery 

#FishFarmsGetOut- Pt 3 - Solidarity Rally - Van Art Gallery
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