Saturday, September 3, 2016

Top Ten Reasons to go to College @NEC_Vancouver

Top Ten Reasons to go to College

1. Become More Knowledgeable About Your Culture – Learning the real history and accomplishments of Indigenous people is sometimes sad but ultimately liberating.

2. Learn More About Your Favorite Subject - You’ll gain access to professors who have advanced degrees in their subject and can teach you more about psychology, ecology or astronomy.

3. Build Self Confidence – As a college student completes more courses and finds those areas to excel, a strong sense of self becomes more evident.

4. Expand your Brain Power – Dive into subjects such as maths and English to develop pathways in your brain on how to think in many different ways.

5. Enhance Employment Opportunities - In today’s employment market ever more jobs prefer workers with post-secondary credentials and these jobs often offer better work conditions.

6. Enjoy Your Life – Almost half of Canadians live paycheck to paycheck and an education is the biggest factor in building job security, a good credit rating and personal savings to do the things you love.

7. Set an Example for Your Children – Want your children to have a college education? Probably the best way to encourage this is to set the example by taking some college courses yourself.

8. Gain Independence - The transition to living on your own can be much less stressful and more gradual as you build your skills in a college program.

9. Meet Different People and Make New Friends - College is a great opportunity to make new friends and meet new people who have both similar and different backgrounds from yours.

10. Increase Your Social Network - College friends and acquaintances can create a valuable network you can utilize for years to come in your career and social life.


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