Sunday, September 4, 2016

STOP Fish Farms From DESTROYING OUR Wild Salmon

"Because PRV has not yet been successfully cultured, a cause and effect relationship between PRV and HSMI in Atlantic Salmon farmed in Norway cannot be definitively established, but is still under investigation. Moreover, the fact that clinically healthy wild and farmed Atlantic Salmon collected from fresh and saltwater in Norway can also contain PRV, some with high loads, has led some researchers to question the role of PRV in the development of HSMI (Lovoll et al. 2012; Garseth et al. 2013; Marty et al. 2014). While the role of co-infection with other microbes and stress in the development of HSMI is under investigation (Garseth et al., 2013), it is apparent that PRV is present in both apparently healthy fish and fish with disease conditions other than HSMI (Wiik-Nielson et al., 2016)."

Having worked extensively in the farm industry out in the Fraser Valley I would like to say that farming is unnatural, cruel and mass production of anything is wrong. This idea of imprisoning salmon or any creature their entire lives is cruel...and GOES AGAINST NATURE.

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