Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Help Alexandra Morton!! #FishFarmsGetOut


Marine Harvest has narrowed its lawsuit claiming protestors trespassed on a fish farm, abandoning a claim that could involve members of the Dzawada’enuxw First Nation while pressing its lawsuit against biologist and activist Alexandra Morton.

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2016
 Alex needs help!!
It is just craZy. We live in the strangest world.

We live in the most AMAZING place that has an INCREDIBLY RICH FOOD SOURCE that has been SUSTAINING a culture for more than 13,000 years but we are so frigging stupid, apathetic or blind we let a foreign company come in here and destroy it.

Our politicians, police, citizens just sit back and watch this insane genocide happen. 

It is. Murdering Salmon. When you wipe out the salmon you murder everything that relies on it.
Let that sink in a minute because people need to see the ramifications of their action or inaction.

You are letting this happen. If you are not with us then you must be against because doing nothing is the same and taking the fish farms side.  

I think I first heard about Alex in some posts she wrote but the movie Salmon Confidential opened my eyes to the truth of the situation. Fish farms were and are a sick manipulation of nature and nothing healthy will come from it. Farming is warped.


Salmon Confidential from Twyla Roscovich on Vimeo.

Seriously, I have worked in the farming industry, and where ever you are mass producing something there is tons of waste and disease. That's exactly what Alexandra documented but good ole' Harper and his crew he made sure no one knew or if they did they couldn't do anything.

#FishFarmsGetOut- first and foremost the point...the REAL POINT is the people of Dzawada’enuxw First Nation do NOT WANT YOU THERE. GET OUT!

So now Sweden gets it why can you?

For Our Children's Children
#CleansingOurWaters  #FishFarmsGetOut  #WildSalmonMatter  #LinkArmsWithUs
#SeaSheperd #WildSalmonMatter

The Musgamagw Dzawada’enuxw Nation have stood in opposition to fish farms in their territory for nearly 30 years. Since time immemorial they have protected their salmon and herring for future generations.

"Our people have spoken."

Fish farms must be removed from our territories.

ATPN interviews chief Willie Moon and his lawyer, Greg McDade about Marine Harvest dropping case. Marine Harvest drops the portion of trespassing case against First Nations Dzawada'enuxw while continuing portion of case against Alexandra Morton. Approximately 60 Dzawada'enuxw boarded the farm (so-called trespassing) but only Morton is sued! 

"They (Marine Harvest) have effectively conceded First Nations have the right to board these facilities" Greg McDade

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