Monday, June 12, 2017

Zipolita'z New Website

Hey everyone, how are you? I have been hard at work and I rebuilt my website finally.

I built a couple but just going to show off mine right now.

I wanted to show you the auctions

I will have a new auction start at the beginning of each month. I will add new ideas during the month so be sure to check back. All auctions will end at the end of each month and items will not be re-offered for a while, if at all, so if you want something be sure to get in there.
Right now I have 2 ballerina paintings that would look lovely in a dancer's room, studio, or store.

I am also working hard on sales and so I will have lot of cool things to buy. 
Right now I have some super cute tiny little bird houses, not sure a bird could actually go in, it is more for fun.

Tiny Houses For Sale

Blue Box For Sale

Anyways if you are looking for super cool little gifts for grads, wedding, birthdays check it out and in a bit I am going to be tying them altogether with my favorite environmental causes such as the #SaveMyCoast, #StopSiteC #StopKM #FishFarmGetOut  and try and help them out and myself. My hope is to raise enough funds that I can take my daughter traveling for 6 months and learn more about our roots. I want to immerse ourselves in culture.
Stay tuned. 

Art &Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2011

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