Monday, June 19, 2017

No Clark or MASS HYSTERIA in the streets!!

 I heard that Clark is going to raise the welfare rates..what a joke...lie... and John Horgan ...a big $100 a month is nothing and WILL NOT HELP!! So many poor are not on welfare, can't get it, refuse it and if they need disability or IE they are not eligible SO GET WITH THE PROGRAM!! Many would rather live on the streets, and horrible often dangerous situations than be screwed over and over and over by the welfare system.

No Clark or MASS HYSTERIA in the streets!!

Let me tell you how really F*K'D things are here in Vancouver. There is a lovely Filipino lady who has just returned to her job after taking a year off to look after her newborn child.  Guess what!! She has no day care, she can only work when her husband isn't working.

Now let's look a little closer.  She has looked around but she can't find anyone she trusts or will work for a wage that even makes it worthwhile to work.

I mean think about it, you have a child you can ACTUALLY raise it yourself, NOT some lovely Filipino nanny, which by the way is how this lovely woman came to Canada. She looked after another poor woman's child, that couldn't do it herself...because she had to WORK to support herself and child and possibly with the help of a husband.

So now we've come FULL CIRCLE. The Filipino nanny immigrated, married, had a child but she can't afford to stay at home and raise the child herself, as is, it's 1. 5 hour commute to the job she is returning to.. and so you need someone to work 8 hours + another 3 or more for traveling time.

People must charge $15 an hour to survive, Daycares were outrages in the early 2000's, I can't imagine now... I remember it being $700 a month if they were potty trained, $900 for babies...something insane.

So even at ...minumum wage is $10.45 (I think it is) but that's not going to happen.

Any they wonder why women and children are having a problem with POVERTY & HOMELESSNESS. 


Any of this sound familiar...right here in good ole' BC with CC!

The irony of the whole thing is if people get helped out now, with daycare and housing and stuff. AGAIN I fall through the loophole.  I was born and raised and worked my whole life here, in BC and had and raised my child  here. When I needed, whether is was WCB, Welfare, EI ( I had to cash my RSVP's to take a course) , banks (Student loans ) they have SCREWED me over and over.

So when people come here and get the benefits and they buy homes and they go to nice schools it pisses me off a bit.  

Then I look at the abuse First Nations, their land- unceded territories, the treaties, the DTES, the Opoid Crisis and I get really pissed.  I guess they figure if they can't force us into poverty and /or jail then they will build a pipeline and poison us and the land and take are the rights and money.

I think about my Gr. Gr. Grandma who was actually from here and her family the last 13,000 + years and how she felt when she saw what was happening.. What did my grandparents think... what damage was done by my immigrant grandparents...

But let's fast forward to 2001 and onwards....

 I have ALWAYS believed that all of us women who were victimized by Gordon Campbell's cuts and continued with Christy Clark's antics WE DESERVE COMPENSATION!!

We deserve compensation for undo stress, suffering, pain, anguish, harassment (I was harassed by bill collectors ) and our children, they have paid with their mental and physical health. I believe that Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark should pay. I think politicians should pay for their #CrimesAgainstHumanity

They should be charged and made to pay and made to do some hard labour. Like clean people homes and toilets, vacuum, wash floors on hands and knees and  really see how the other side lives because if she ever understood it, she forgot...and if not then she needs to experience it.

Oh I as an extra give her a nice dose of bed bugs.(not really- I wouldn't wish them on my worse enemy...but then again she may be my worst enemy...) I remember that someone said that of  poor they said "you truly haven't lived until you've experienced that. "

I could share tons more but better stop. 

Yah...that's how F*k*d things are.

Hey Hey Ho Ho CC has got to go!

I do not like her,
I do not like her here, I do not like here there,

I don't want my kids to
As so sadly they did

Please Save My Kid from #Poverty & #Homelessness
Please #SaveMyCoast





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