Saturday, January 14, 2012

Have You Ever Had to Go to the Food Bank?

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Food banks should not be necessary in such a rich province.

Justice so we don't need Charity!

Food banks were established 30 years ago as a temporary measure and it's become part of culture.

I sure hope the Jagrup Brar and these videos can open peoples minds and show what it's like out there. Come On People Please Share this. Be a Changemaker! Let's help the Children of BC and their families rise out of poverty, Raises the Rates and Minimum wage. Write to Christy Clark, write to anyone that may be able to make a change. Do something...PLEASE!

 We've had to go to the food bank when we lived in Nelson and it was very humbling (more like demoralizing) and not a nice experience and nobody would want to go and do this.  The people were very nice but it's not a nice experience to "prove your poor" so that you and your child can wait in a line for someone to give you some old food. :( What's weirder still, is you run into someone on the street and you know them from the food bank.

My kid has fond memories of the food bank, they gave her muffins or some kind of bread treat while we waited. I hated it. I was always scared we'd get sick from something. Sometimes I went without rather than get sick. Lots of people do. Feed our kids and go without...that's certainly not healthy for anyone but it's a reality for many.

If you've never experienced it I hope this video will open your mind.

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