Monday, January 9, 2012

Would You or Your Loved Ones Like To Live Like This?

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Would you want to live like this? Check out this video and get in touch with what is the Real World Out there for many British Columbians.  Please Watch this video then please STOP and think if this were you, or your sister, mother, someone you loved. Do you want them to suffer like this? Do you think they deserve to be treated in such a terrible way. STOP and think about the children. What damage is being done...they are raised with anxiety of always wondering where the food, walking everywhere because you can afford buses, no treats or fun because there is just nothing in the budget for that.

Why? Why and how did the system get so cruel. Originally it was meant just for women and children. There is no reason that people should be treated this way in a country so rich and proud. The BC government has created really cruel policies that wear people down and prevent them from getting welfare or demoralize them so badly they refuse to take welfare. Those that must take it in order to care for a child are only allowed until the child is 3, then there must be extenuating circumstances. With very low rates there are no decent places to rent, one must use all the money and have barely any for food.

None of this can lead to healthy outcomes. Since the changes to the Welfare system in the last 10 years the damage is becoming more obvious. It's the child who really suffer. With constantly stressed out parents, no one can be healthy. That all takes it's toll in the long run on the health care system, on the whole system. An heavily burdened stressed child will carry that psychology their whole life.

Think about the Great Depression, did your parents/grandparent ever forget that moment when there was no bread in the house or whatever catalyst was of the memory that imprinted them and they told you your whole life.

It's CRUEL & INHUMANE, we NEED people from EVERYWHERE to READ this and SPEAK UP!

OTHERWISE nothing will change. NOTHING!!.

Historic Welfare rates since 1980
In 1986 Emery Barnes, MLA for Vancouver Centre, spent a month on welfare. At the end he said the welfare for a single person should be $700. Today that would be $1,290 a month. After he had lived on welfare, the rates were modestly increased from $375, which it had been since 1981, to $384.

PLEAAAASSSEEE PEOPLE, DON'T TURN YOUR BACK, START SHARING, TALKING, DEMANDING THAT THERE IS CHANGE!! otherwise we (you and I, ALL OF US) will the price and we will pay dearly I can assure you.

Listen Carefully at .51 "Your all businessman here, Don't Make them Better Citizens,Doesn't it Make them Better Customers"

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