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Poverty Journey-MLA Jagrup Brar

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I am so proud of MLA Jagrup Brar for attempting to bring AWARENESS front and center to the heartbreaking HOMELESS problem we have in Vancouver and BC in general.

For one month Jagrup Brar will attempt to find shelter and feed himself on $610. First he is starting out completely homeless and then will apply for welfare. I'm curious how fast he can get into the system. I believe it's normally about 3 weeks even to see a worker...if you have a home, so let's see what happens when you have no home.

From the sounds it, it's starting out awful. Sleep deprivation is a huge part, people waiting for long times to register and then lots of noise and things when you try to sleep.

I am so glad that he is attempting this "Poverty Journey" so he can let people really know how bad it is out there and hopefully by documenting it all he can actually get the government to change it's cruel ways.

I have heard people say "that welfare is not supposed to be a livable income...so that one must want to get off it" well that is a bunch of rubbish if you ask me. I mean if you can't be dry and warm and have sleep a decent sleep, well your in for a bunch of health problems right there. Just sleep deprivation can cause real issues in any normal healthy persons life...what's it's like to be out there all alone...and then you try to get help and you don't even get enough to rent an apt.

I do know that in 2001 that a pregnant woman that managed to sublet a friends apt for $400 could only get $520 a month MAX and she was supposed to feed herself and her unborn child on that...so you know there's something broken badly somewhere. Speaking to that, how would that woman get herself off welfare, when no one will hire a pregnant woman. Not to even mention the problems she encounters after the birth of her child, when the wonderful (NOT) Campbell government kicked all the moms with kids 3 years old off the system and forced them into the work force and put the kids into childcare for avg. $10-$15 an hour or daycares for $650 + per month. Anyways, let's not go there right now.

Well I could go on, but let's just see what happens on this "Poverty Journey" and hear it from the streets. I sure hope a lot of people take note. Please do your part and share this story. It's very important and educating and enlightening everyone will only create solutions and good. Please follow and share this story.

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