Tuesday, January 17, 2012


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In the city, you can't ignore the homeless because they are everywhere. Someone recently said that in the 70's there wasn't homelessness like this? I don't know, but homelessness is a VERY SERIOUS issue and it's all around us. Poverty is all around us. People need to get the government to help change this. Raising the welfare rates and the minimum wage would help this. This is a CRISIS!

Something has got to give. People will only be held down for so long. Like Marie Antoinette you can not say "Let them eat cake!" 

Politicians, Corporations and Banks need to be held accountable. To amass fortunes or aid others to do this when there is such obvious need and such obvious injustice.

These are crimes against humanity to treat people this way and allow these things to happen.

Let's all do our part to Raise Awareness and Raise the Welfare Rates and help stop homelessness and child poverty here in BC.

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