Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kill us all, then bury us here’:

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My hand is sore, but I saw this in my Facebook, it's so horrible and sad I have to share this, so I can help in the only way I can.


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 A group of Brazilian Indians who endured violence and death to return to their land have made a dramatic appeal to the government after learning that they face eviction once more

We want to die and be buried with our ancestors right here, so we ask the government and the justice system not to order our eviction, but to order our collective death and our burial here. We ask, once and for all, for our slaughter to be ordered, and for tractors to dig a big hole for our bodies. 

‘We have decided, all together, not to leave here, dead or alive.’

Guarani anthropologist Tonico Benites said, ‘Guarani suicide is happening and increasing as a result of the delay in identifying and demarcating our ancestral land’.

Survival is calling for the Guarani to be allowed to stay on their land, and for all Guarani territories to be demarcated urgently, before more lives are lost. 

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