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Vigilantism & Suicide & A Message of Hope!

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Even though I'm in Mexico I've been following the Amanda Todd story. It's shocking and heart-breaking and it makes a person angry and frustrated and saddened. Why?  

Why is the question? 
Why did that have to happen?
Why couldn't people back her up and support her before all this happened?
Why is it such a big deal for a girl to show her breasts?

Men show themselves, but our culture is still so in the dark ages. Even though women have the right to show themselves in public Canada, they don't because to the stigma and staring that goes with it.

Let's face it most men in the U.S. and Canada can not handle it. They are raised this way. It's the parents and society's fault. Indigeonous mother's in Africa and Brazil do not have this issue.

Mexican mom's breastfeed all the time and no one bats an eye.

But men in Canada and the U.S. you have some big issues. 

From what  I read, was that this poor child of just 12, exploring sexuality, alone, normal...(but abnormal because nowadays computers are involved). made a mistake that 100's and thousands of other kids are making.

But it didn't stop there, she was then bullied for it, as well as stocked.

Why are girls and women so judgemental? Why are teenage girls so vicious to one another? Why are so many children dying from bullying?

Now there's an hactivist group Anonymous out there and they are doing some stocking of there own.

I have a lot of questions and not to many answers, just opinions.

I have an old memory of a show the Twilight Zone.

Do you remember that show, TWILIGHT ZONE?

Anyways this lady has been raped /or attacked and is terribly shaken.
Her husband asks her who was it, but she can't remember. They go to the doctor and she gets sent home. There's all sorts of bad feelings but she seems to be healing so they go out for a drive.

While out, the women panics when she sees a man, and says "There he is, THAT'S THE GUY!" The man says "Are you sure?" and she says "YES!" So the man gets out of the car and runs after the man.

Then he comes back all shaken and upset. She asks what's wrong. "Nothing, Nothing...let's go home!"
I think they go home or go eat...anyways at some point she looks out the window and shouts..."THERE, THAT'S THE MAN!!"

And the husband, looks terrified and sick because you know he did something bad to someone else...and it wasn't the right person.

So my message is that I was really thrilled to think that a hacktivist group  could bring someone to justice. Happy that Amanda may get some justice. But now hearing some things that someone may do something they regret because they don't have all the info and because they are running high on emotion and pain.
So please take care. 

I'm praying for Amanda's family, and everyone who loved her, and everyone who hurt her, because you need help. I'm praying that the kids that thought and said terrible things to her and others, really stop and think if they are treating others as they wanted to be treated.

My question is Why? Why is that simple little rule so hard to follow. TREAT OTHERS AS YOU WISH TO BE TREATED!! 

So simple. Please teach your children and remind yourself each and everyday. It's not hard and it will bring so much peace. Peace is what we all need, especially Amanda Todd and everyone who loved her.

R.I.P Amanda. 

 I also wanted to say is that I do not think the video should be shown in school. It needs to be shown by the parent to the child in a safe environment where the parent can really debrief and discuss deeply the personal issues that this video will bring out. The school is not the place.

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